Active School Flag

The Active Schools Flag is a process designed to get our school more active. It encourages pupils and their families to get more exercise and try new things to keep fit. In June 2015, we successfully received our first ever Active Schools Flag. We are now working towards renewing our flag.

Our motto: "Keep fit and commit".

Over to you...

We want everyone in the community to continue to be involved in this process. If you have any ideas, tell us! We would also like people from the community to teach us what they know- if you have ever done something to keep active and would be interested in teaching us a few things, please contact Mrs Scanlan. This can be anything, from yoga to zumba dancing, basketball to athletics activities. We're asking you for a bit of your time (even a half an hour would do!) to teach us a few basics so that we can get an idea of some activities not typically taught in our school. It's all about having fun so please consider lending us a hand.

If you know of anyone in the area who is not a parent of one of our pupils but may be able to help, it would be great if you could tell them what we are doing.'ve no excuse! You know what Active School is all about so get out there and walk, run, dance or cycle!


Tel: 065-7088217


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