We value our partnerships with pupils, parents and the local community. Here are just a few ways we have done this:


1.) We have an active school committee where the pupils' ideas are shared.

2.) All school physical activity achievements are acknowledged in the school. A photo is taken and it is placed on our Active Schools noticeboard.

3.) Parents are encouraged to help out and participate in activities, e.g. parents join in on our Walk on Wednesday mornings.

4.) Parents were encouraged to be involved in our Active Schools Week- they were given a detailed timetable of all events and were invited to them all.

5.) Our school informs parents about any physical activity opportunities in our local area.

6.) The school fully supports the Community Games and encourages pupils to get involved.

7.) We make an effort to make use of the natural environment, e.g. walks in the area.

8.) Our senior classes use the Bizzy Break programme, as provided by the Irish Heart Foundation.

9.) We organised a 5K Fun Run/Walk and invited the local and wider community to participate.