Physical Activity

Our school is constantly trying to improve our physical activity during the school day. Here are some of the ways we are encouraging it:


1.) We encourage the children to be active at playground breaks.

2.) The children have two playground breaks each day.

3.) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the playground is zoned for different activities.

4.) We operate football free Thursdays and on this day, our playground leaders teach younger pupils playground games.

5.) Our yard has playground markings.

6.) On Tuesdays, the children are allowed to use sports equipment during big break.

7.) The school promotes 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

8.) We begin each day with a run around the school. We also do this run after both breaks, a total of 6 laps a day.

9.) We have short activity breaks during the day- 10 at 10, Bizzy Breaks and GoNoodle are used.

10.) On rainy days, the teachers ensure that the children get an active break inside.

11.) Our school prescribes 'active homework'.

12.) The school hosted an Active School Week in May.

13.) School tours are planned to include physical activity.

14.) Our annual sports day maximises physical activity opportunities for all and is in two parts: the first is a parish running day and the second is traditional races such as egg and spoon and wheelbarrow races.