Physical Education

We have made a big effort to improve in our PE planning and the curriculum itself. Here are just a few things we have done:


1.) We have updated our PE plan.

2.) We have set targets of improvements in physical education in our school.

3.) PE is being regularly discussed during staff meetings.

4.) We try to teach 5 different strands of the PE curriculum each year.

5.) The teachers are confident in teaching most strands of the curriculum. Help from coaches is sought for aquatics and gymnastics.

6.) The children from 1st- 6th classes go to swimming lessons for 10 weeks during the first term.

7.) Our school has taught Land PAWS to all classes.

8.) Children with special needs are included in all PE lessons.

9.) Teachers prescribe PE homework to the children on a regular basis.

10.) PE is discussed at PT meetings and included on school report at the end of the year.

11.) The school has an up to date audit of PE equipment.

12.) PE equipment has recently been organised and updated.

13.) Teachers use the PE Curriculum, teacher guidelines, PSSI lesson plans and other online resources when planning lessons.

14.) All teachers remain present when coaches visit the school. We use this as a learning opportunity for teachers.