St. Fachnan & St. Attracta’s N.S.

School Tours/Excursions Policy


This policy was reviewed by the staff in 2012 and circulated to the Board of Management (BOM) for observations and feedback.



The need for this policy arises due to children being exposed to a wide variety of different experiences while on school outings, and the necessity to have a framework for good practice in place to cover all eventualities.




• To ensure all practical possibilities are covered in reducing the exposure of children to risk on outings

• To provide an enjoyable educational experience for all children


Policy Content

It has been the policy of the school over the years to organise separate tour dates and destinations for;


• Infant Classes & First Class

• Senior Classes    (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th)

These are normally the groupings but occasionally these groupings may change according to the tour content.


The tours are structured in such a way as to provide an educational aspect in addition to an entertainment and recreational value.  It has been recent school policy to limit shopping due to the unnecessary dangers children can be exposed to and the difficulty in providing adequate supervision.



• Children must obey their teachers/guides/supervisors at all times

• Children must remain seated with safety belts on while the bus is in motion

• Children will line up on disembarking from the bus

• Roll calls/head counts are taken when children return to the bus after each segment of the tour


Success Criteria


• Positive experiences for all

• Children having a safe enjoyable experience


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