Walk on Wednesday

On Wednesdays, we walk to school. We all gather at the Burren Centre and, with our high visibility jackets on, we walk together safely. This idea was brought to us by our fantastic Active School Committee.

Fun Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, we have four stations in the yard. At each station, two class groups get to play with PE equipment. We rotate the groups every week. It is great fun!

What Club are you in? Survey

Dylan and Mia conducted a survey to show what clubs the children in our school are in. The results are below.


On Thursdays, we have no footballs in the yard. Instead, we have playground leaders from 4th, 5th and 6th classes. They take a group each, and spend the breaks teaching the younger children playground games. The younger children love this!

Football-free Thursdays

Active School Noticeboard

We have a special noticeboard near the entrance to our school. This shows all of our sporting achievements, both inside and outside of our school.

Trying Some Golf

As not a lot of us had tried golf before, we got three lessons from golfer Pat Fahy. It was lots of fun.


We spent six weeks learning gymnastics with Magda. It was tough, but very enjoyable.

Peer-teaching: Self Defence

Two of our senior pupils taught the whole school different self-defence techniques. A real treat! The teachers even learned a thing or two!

Running Challenge

We do laps of the school every morning and for both breaks, as a whole school. We upped this for our Kilometere a Day challenge for five weeks.

Active School Week

We had an action-packed week from May 7th- 12th. Click here for photos: